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A bill that would give a liability shield to health care providers will be discussed by the Florida Senate Health Policy committee this week.
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The court ordered the case back to Hennepin County District Court for trial on the medical malpractice and wrongful death claims filed by a family trustee.
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Since telemedicine doctors will face a higher number of medical malpractice claims and a higher rate of liability, their insurance premiums will increase.
The report also presents the forecast for the Medical Malpractice Insurance market with its growth during the period from 2021 to 2027. Key Players. All ...
Many would-be vaccinators are told they need to buy malpractice insurance, ... The PREP Act provides healthcare workers immunity from liability for
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Good news is here for healthcare providers worried about being left out of COVID-19-related liability protections during the 2021 Florida Legislative ...
A Charlotte County woman received a $625,000 verdict from a medicalmalpractice case involving Bayfront Health Port Charlotte. In 2018, patient …
It is a game played by the defense to make it too costly and expensive so attorneys will not pursue medical negligence cases." Representatives for Sinha ...
The family of a woman who died after routine surgery has agreed to a $3.35 million settlement of her Middlesex County medical malpractice suit, …
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New York law requires medical malpractice complaints to be accompanied by an attorney's affidavit certifying that he or she consulted with a medical ...
NPR's Scott Simon speaks to Tracey Alvino, assistant director of Voices for Seniors, about nursing home liability during the pandemic.




She stands behind a COVID-19 patient lying supine on an operating table. A vitals monitor shows the man's heart is pounding and that he's taking 47 breaths per minute — quadruple the normal...



... may have a wide spectrum of legal claims against the law firm, spanning from violation of state privacy and data protection laws to legal malpractice.
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... Johnson found the attorney committed legal malpractice, fraud and theft of client funds, and imposed the $2-million judgment in October 2020.
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A disbarred attorney who claimed he was the sole heir to a $40 million fortune has failed to establish that two Newburgh attorneys committed legal ...
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Immunity from civil liability to certain health care providers for certain acts or omissions related to providing health care services during a state disaster ...